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“Something inside so strong” Libre Saffi

Its amazing to me what a powerfully useful tool anger is. Anger draws boundries. Anger is a display of self respect. In some instances. Not blind rage that hurts the most vulnerable. That is of course a lack of any sort of awareness of – the other. But as Jesus overturned the tables in the temple, in righteous anger against the corrupt money lenders, so too, is anger against the injustices in our society, a very strong way of drawing lines.
If we were angry enough at our corrupt politicians, we would already have saved our country billions of dollars, and plenty of suffering. But complacency and helplessness take the place of anger, and we label it humility, patience, letting God take control, being peacekeepers! Fools! Be angry. Have the courage to see it for what it is. And BE angry!
If we were angry enough at drug dealers, who for their own greed destroy lives of the innocents, we would have declared war – yes – out right war on the cartels. But we know they are strong and we are weak, so we shrug in our helplessness, and say our government (the same one referenced above) should do something about it, and the fact that they don’t makes them incompetent. It’s a joke! Why would they? What would their motivation be to do so, especially when they are profiting. And we call it law abiding, good citizenry, leaving it up to the government.
Oh rage! Rage! Rage against the complacency we ALLOW within ourselves, because to be angry is too negative. To be angry is sinful. To be angry is simply not fitting, even in Buddhism, he who loses his temper first – loses. He who loses temper first leaves his throat with no defence … uncontained anger is a disability. These are all things I believe.
Yet, yet, there are times when I know the complete antithesis to be true. I know that anger can be power. Not against anyone else. But for yourself. That you may know that the world will only be ok, if we disallow – through anger – the advantage other would take, the victims they would create, because those who should rage sit back in convenient peace.

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