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“Oh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader” Omi.

Relationships – they’re complex. And in a partnership where neither party is willing to play the role of surrender, where both individuals are in their own rights destined for greatness, in their way, in their field, in their spiritual destinies, then who steps back? Who understands? Who stands – under? And what are the implications of that?
Behind every successful man is a great woman. This was the core belief of the earlier decades of the 1900’s and we – women – we took our sense of significance from this saying, and were content to remain in the background, supports, cheerleaders, happy and appreciative of being able to bask in the glow of our partner, who took the limelight.
But this generation, this time, this era, this year, this now – now – the cheerleaders take centre stage, now the women are the supernovas – the vanguard of the new millennium – the women who live their passion, live their dreams, embrace their capabilities, their multifaceted beings – with no apologies, no holds barred, no false, obligated sense of demure, coy, femininity.
We are as beautiful, as feminine, as gentle, as soft and tender as we always, ever were, however, we are taking centre stage – ironically – as cheerleaders, but oh, not the cheerleaders who are content to stand on the side-lines yelling for the men who optimise their potential, who have the stage, while we women cheerlead looking pretty and yelling “go team go!”
We ARE the team! We learn the lessons! We hold the floor! We ARE the main attraction!!!
We are the flyers.
We are the understanders.
We are the supporters.
We are the leaders.
Holding each other up.
Supporting each other.
The strength under one another’s heights. The power holding each other up. The flyers reaching new heights.
Cheerleading as only women know how!
And this is what we have learnt, as women. As supporters, as under standers, with years of knowing what it takes to have someone’s back, with years of longing to fly.

We have learnt that you always catch the flyer. The woman who soars, the woman who reaches new heights, who achieves, who has the ability to sparkle, to shine, to win – you don’t bring her down, you don’t let her fall.
You don’t let your flyer hit the floor. Ever. You catch the flyer when she falls. Everytime, and she will fall. Of course she will. But you have to say, with unwavering confidence:
She didn’t hit the floor!
In cheerleading jargon, as a good friend related to me – in the first person – and it’s too well expressed for me to incorporate it into my soap box tirade in any other fashion than the exact transcript in which it was related to me:
“She didn’t hit the floor – that’s the main thing!! As long as the flyer does not hit the floor, it’s ok with me.
I don’t care if I got smacked in the face or anything like that. I managed to catch her. She was lying on top of me. Don’t stress – she didn’t hit the floor. It’s ok. Its ok that she was lying on top of me, although, once I knew she was ok, I had to say “can you get off me now?”
She came down at such a bizarre angle – who does that?
The flyer trusts me not to let her fall. I will trust me. I’ts ok if you fall.
(The vulnerability)
The flyer trusts me Not to let her fall, and if I do, I will try my absolute best so that she does not hit that floor. It’s ok if they land on top of me, because I can cushion the blow for them and then we carry on. If you fall, it’s ok, if you stuff up, I’ts fine. I’ve got you – you don’t need to worry. Just hit that stunt and trust that I’ve got you. Its about trust. The trust test. Especially if you’re fighting with someone, you’ve got to know that they’re gonna put their shit aside and still be there when they need you. Yes, we’ve fought, but when it comes to a lift, we still have each other’s backs.
Its my family – and I’d be damned if I’d be the reason they got hurt!
It’s not happening.”

Oh, if only, ladies, women, girls, if only we would directly transpose that onto our own lives, live that philosophy, be that support for each other.
The strength, the power and the impact of womanhood! The sayings “strike a woman – strike a rock” and “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” would then hold value, and what an amazing world it would be for all of our girl children.


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