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April, 2017:

I am feral I am wild

I am a lost and lonely child
I’ve been beaten and abused
Caged up and misused
But now the cage is open and now I sing this song
For never can you keep a wild woman down for long
Wild women sing your songs take your rightful place
Glory in your wisdom – you ARE the human race
Wild woman sing more loudly sing with all your heart
Wild woman it’s your time come and play your part
Take back your rightful earnings
Take back your rightful self
Wild women join together we’ve cracked that porcelain shelf
Never to return there never to be tamed
Wild woman let your hair down – you can never be ashamed
For we have walked this wilderness we have trudged this ground
We have been lost so long
And finally we’re found
So stand up in your glory stand up in your space
Wild woman now the sun shines eternal on your face.