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April, 2014:

With arms Wide Open (Creed)

Life has opened its hands – two palms held open to you – and given to you.

And what have I been given?

We contemptuously spit that question out – at ourselves, and life, at anyone who will listen – what have I been given???

I have been given a beautiful body: strong, firm, perfect in its composition of muscle, sinew, organs – all arranged to serve me well in all I wish to undertake in life. I have been given the blood coursing through my veins – I  have  been given – LIFE. The blood pulsing through my organs, my being,  my heart, bringing me life.

I  have been given air: oxygen, the gift of inhalation, of strong, fresh oxygen, taken for granted and not perceived as a gift until you experience the claustrophobic desperation of it’s absence – then – your lungs filling with the rush of pure, life giving oxygen – the gift I have been given. So often a gift is only known in its negative……

I  have been given water: fresh, pure, life sustaining water – to refresh my  body and so much more than that … to refresh my soul.

I  have been given nourishment: food – rich, sustaining food – to indulge, to appreciate: the succulence, the celebration – of food. The oils of life – dripping down my fingers, wrists, arms. The crispness of fruit, and of salads, the richness of breads, fish, spices, I have been given – food from the earth, to nourish, and food from the table of fortune – to indulge!

I have been given warmth – in love – in a mother’s love that knows ONLY how to wrap me in arms of warmth. In a heart of blood – of life – of warmth. I have been given a safe place: a safe and warm and dependable space – in the deepest most primal place the earth has to offer: A mother’s heart. Within the arms of mother earth. It’s the core. The beginning – from which all life, all blood, all beginnings have their source: ‘mother’. And there is no warmer place than the core of the earth – the soul of the mother.

I have been given a king’s bounty – plentiful – no lack. I,ve not known lack – as the gods of fortune have bestowed on me – excess – it is only by choice that I have experienced lack – if at all.

I have been given talent, and inspiration, and brains to calculate and plan and think (Oh! The irony!)  I have been given zeal, and zest, and lust, all for the purpose of that burning flame of inspiration – to create and become – for myself, and for the generations that follow  – my own highest aspiration.

And I have been given the difficulties and the challenges, the discomforts: not those of my own making, but those dished out to me by life – and the life choices of others … but I have been given them, as a gift. That I might see – see life through the eyes of another too, that I might see the wants, the longings, the black holes in the heart of ‘mother’. That even the giver – she too seeks, yearns, longs.

I  have been given those struggles to look deeper into the pool of another’s life and heart.

And in all this giving – in all that I have been   given….

I’ve  taken.

I’ve taken for myself.

I’ve taken the pain, the torment, the confusion, the hopelessness, the despair –

I’ve taken the lack – when plenty abounds all around me.

I’ve taken the punishment, when only acceptance existed.

I’ve taken the burdens when others stood by willing to carry my load.

I’ve taken the bountiful, and binged on the excess –

I’ve taken – for granted all that life has offered me, with arms wide open.

I’ve taken the torment – like skimming only the dirty foam off the vastness of the ocean.

When the ocean and all that it possesses was offered to me: I took only the filthy foam.

It is enough.

Again the ocean has come to me: that I may immerse myself in it.

The ocean STILL lies in front of me: cool and deep and beautiful and abundant and pure.

GIVING me: another wave, another tide, another opportunity to immerse myself in all the excess – to literally drown in the abundance.

And this time, I will – I will dive, I will plunge, I will take – but  not for granted, I will take in a way that produces only giving…

This time, I won’ choke on the dirty scum foam, when I can drown in the sparkling depths and find all the treasures of Atlantis – which were mine to begin with – anyway.



Make your house a home

How do you make a house – a home?

Create a space within your house and fill it with things that you are passionate about – things that entice, excite, ignite, enthrall and engage you – things that keep the fire of passion pulsing through your blood – a room that, when you enter, your life purpose is tangibly on display – to remind you of that which gives you a reason to live…

Create a space within your house that brings awareness of why we are so insignificant and yet paradoxically, so significant – in this world – A spiritual place, a place of reflection, and thought – full – ness. And peace. And honour. A place, where it’s not about ‘me’ – the world, possessions or activities – but a quiet place – where the soul can be restored, renewed, reminded of what matters; what’s real – of value – if you were stripped of everything considered valuable….

Create a space that is beautiful – a space of aesthetic beauty – with scents that enrich, with scents that stimulate thoughts – vanilla, cherry, sandalwood, citrus. Deep, rich scents, that bear a colour – the rich greens and browns of wood, the rich yellows and reds of home baked foods. The crisp, clean scents of fresh cool water. This space is not pragmatic, but it is a reminder that in all the chaos and shamefulness and ugliness – there is beauty – for beauty’s sake alone…

Create a room of noises – of laughter, of chatter, bantering, of music, where the energies, lives and forces of many other people come and go continually – filling it with their combined, intertwined liveliness. Their humour, their hurts, their companionship, their thoughts – the busy – ness of other people’s be – ings. A messy place of clutter and clamor and mismatched trinkets from every source imaginable…..

Having created these four rooms – KNOW which one to enter – to maintain an ever continuous gratitude for life – know which one to enter at each specific moment in your life, to continually celebrate that life in all its facets – to celebrate the love, the friendship, the laughter, the excesses, to celebrate the peace, the solitude, the loneliness, the sadness, the sorrow (yes the sadness and the sorrow are a celebration) To celebrate the gift of physical and mental capabilities and to celebrate the spirit – which is neither.
To make a house a home – its easy – it requires but four rooms, or four spaces with in a room : And every single fiber of your be – ing – laid bare in each room – where you can take solace, refuge, peace from the spaces in this world that are not.

My prayer is that your house – becomes your home. xxxx